Port of Vela Luka (φ = 42 ° 57.5 'N; λ = 016 ° 36.2'E) is a port is open to public transport of county and local importance. The port area consists of the coastal land part and the associated waters.

Port of Vela Luka consists of 5 port basin:

Separated Port basin – Gradina bay

Separated port basin - Gradina Bay (φ = 42 ° 58.2 'N; λ = 016 ° 40.5'E) has a total surface area of 17.2 hectares. It is about 4 nautical miles west of Vela Luka, equipped with an anchoring system of 15 buoys for the reception of boats.

The communal part is 280 meters long and it is equipped with 25 communal berths. Also, in the bay of Gradina, near the port area border, there is a container for municipal waste.

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