The construction of a communal port is planned between the shipyard Greben and the new Maritime-Passenger Terminal Vela Luka due to the need for communal berths and the ship extraction and descent, as well as providing space for dry berths used for the repair and maintenance of ships.

In addition to the existing road by the sea, the architect has foreseen longitudinal car park with the capacity of 29 parking spaces next to the pavement 1.2 m wide. Due to the steep terrain, there is a difference in the height of the existing road and the newly planned coastline in one part of the site, which was solved by the denivelation wall which runs between the sidewalk and the green spaces. The green space is 1.0 m wide, followed by a 2.5 m wide promenade.

The length of the newly designed coast is 176 m. There are 5 gates in the length of 15 m to 48 m, 2.5 m wide, a seawall 43 m long and 4 m wide. This solution would make approximately 120 communal berths.