The planned arrangement of the coast would be carried out in accordance with the current Spatial Planning Master Plan of the Municipality of Vela Luka, and the unconstructed part of the coast would be rearranged and used as the mooring for vessels, promenade and swath of vegetation as well as the road arrangement with longitudinal parking on one side. The pedestrian bridge, which would connect the east and west coast, was proposed in three variants, on three locations.

Extension of the East Coast (Kale) to the sea including:

  • promenade landscaping with the accompanying facilities and planning of a part of communal berths in the area from the center of Vela Luka to the special hospital Kalos, with the following numerical solutions:
    • length of intervention ≈ 370 m
    • width of extension max. 3 m
    • 70 parking spaces
    • 79 berths (for boats up to 8 m long)
  • forming a slipway for boats used their maintenance, on the northern part of the east coast next to the quay which divides the protected waters of Kalos from other waters. This location of the slipway is conditioned by the following:
    • the slipway is located along a two-way road (unlike the entire west coast),
    • the slipway is near the connection to the ring road.
  • landscaping Tranulov Most (Tranulo’s Pier), i.e. the extension of the coast and the formation of a new waterfront (in the form of a plateau) with a parking lot and new public facilities. Considering the immediate proximity of the downtown of Vela Luka, the extended plateau would be used for:
    • increasing the number of parking spaces close to the center (approx. 53 parking spaces),
    • enriching the offer of new urban facilities for citizens and visitors, as a meeting place on the long sea promenade (‘lungo mare’),
    • a meeting place and resort area (amphitheater facing the sea) and a venue for multimedial entertainment, the reduced plateau in the summer months could be a parterre fountain which would be programmatically activated (in the rhythm of dance, music etc.),
    • the square for larger gatherings (concerts etc.) and at the same time the venue for the presentation of domestic products and souvenirs with montage elements (kiosk, benches etc.),
    • catering facilities on both sides of the amphitheater, covered with a sail-shaped construction that would emphasize the skyline of the town,
    • extra facilities - on some parts of the plateau, in the shadow of the high Mediterranean vegetation, a play area with a playground for children as well as exercise equipment for adults would be constructed on one side, while on the other side there would be an area for petanque as a traditional gathering place for local people.

The numerical indicators of the new waterfront (plateau) are as following:

  • length of intervention ≈ 170 m
  • width of extension max. 27 m
  • 53 parking spaces
  • 50 berths (for boats up to 8 m long).

Extension of the West Coast (Vranac) to the sea includes:

  • landscaping the promenade with the accompanying facilities from the special hospital Kalos to Hotel Posejdon, and planning a part of the communal berths, with the following numerical solutions:
    • length of intervention ≈ 470 m
    • width of extension max. 5 m
    • 98 parking places
    • 130 berths (for boats up to 8 m long).
  • on the central part of the west coast, the extension of the coast is planned in the form of plateaus, at a length of about 115 m. The newly planned extension represents a gathering place on the west coast, similar to that foreseen on the east coast:
    • in the southern and northern end of the extension there is a free plateau which could be used for extra facilities (such as catering, souvenirs etc.),
    • on the central part of the extension, a row of palm trees would be planted, in accordance to the existing raster.

Ultimately, the realization of the project of Kale-Vranac coast would bring a total of:

  • 221 parking spaces
  • 259 berths (for boats up to 8 m long).

The estimated project value is approx. 50.000.000,00 HRK.

For the conceptual design of the west and east coastline with pedestrian bridge solution please check HERE.