The fishing port in Vela Luka is planned to be built in the length of approximately 250 m to the west, from the western end of the Maritime-Passenger Terminal Vela Luka. The project envisages the formation of fishing port waters by the construction of the following naval structures:

  1. Port seawall
  2. Operational wharf for anchoring and managing goods and equipment
  3. Landing quay for mooring
  4. Littoral area

The total length of the new mooring line will be 293.10 m. The construction of the new port will allow mooring for a minimum of 28 fishing boats up to the length of 21 m vertically to the new coast, but a different mooring organization is also possible.

The construction of the fishing port in Vela Luka will significantly improve the infrastructure for the accommodation of fishing boats and the fish landing in Vela Luka and Dubrovnik-Neretva County.