The port area development plan encompasses projects of direct and indirect interest for Vela Luka Port Authority. Projects of direct interest facilitate performing or improving the obligations of the Port Authority required by the Law, and projects of indirect interest facilitate the implementation of the basic obligations, while, at the same time, improving the safety of maritime traffic and living and working conditions of the citizens of Vela Luka and the whole island of Korčula.

Projects of direct interest for Vela Luka Port Authority:

Maritime-passenger terminal Vela Luka

The construction of the Maritime-Passenger Terminal on the site of the former Jadranka factory will bring a terminal which will enable mooring of larger ships and meeting the needs of increased traffic. The terminal will be built in stages. In the first stage, two moorings in the length of 150 m and 70 m will be built for the needs of domestic ferry traffic, with the construction of the necessary operational surface area. In the second stage, the third mooring in the length of 130 m will be built for the needs of the coastal ferry traffic. The operational offshore surface area will be further expanded with this, which will ultimately lead to the total land area of the port to 18,670 m² and the total maritime area of the port to 41,890 m².

So far, all the necessary documentation for the construction has been completed and the construction has begun (excavations and demolition of some existing facilities were carried out, a coastal wall and a driveway were built, and 58 pylons were installed with their protective layer).

Ultimately, after the realization of the 1st and 2nd stage the Maritime-Passenger Terminal will consist of 3 ferry berths, berths for vessels at the border crossing, and 18,670 m² of landscaped operational offshore area used for ferry traffic.

The aforementioned capacity fully meets the needs of today's transport demand, i.e. the available ferry type on the line 604 Split-Vela Luka-Ubli. The planned capacity corresponds to the traffic load which occurs during the shifts of tourists during the peaks of the tourist season, when a more frequent ferry transport is expected with the capacity of 270 personal vehicles on the Split-Vela Luka route.

Vela Luka fishing port

The fishing port in Vela Luka is planned to be built in the length of approximately 250 m to the west, from the western end of the Maritime-Passenger Terminal Vela Luka. The project envisages the formation of fishing port waters by the construction of the following naval structures:

  1. Port seawall
  2. Operational wharf for anchoring and managing goods and equipment
  3. Landing quay for mooring
  4. Littoral area

The total length of the new mooring line will be 293.10 m. The construction of the new port will allow mooring for a minimum of 28 fishing boats up to the length of 21 m vertically to the new coast, but a different mooring organization is also possible.

The construction of the fishing port in Vela Luka will significantly improve the infrastructure for the accommodation of fishing boats and the fish landing in Vela Luka and Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

Gas station

By relocating the marine and road petrol station from the current location on the central part of the waterfront in Vela Luka to a new location along the future ferry port would solve numerous existing traffic and security problems. Consequently, reducing both road and maritime traffic in the town centre and making extra space would enable this valuable area to be put into public and commercial use, while the operational pier would be used for mooring smaller cruise ships and larger yachts.

Kale-Vranac coast

The planned arrangement of the coast would be carried out in accordance with the current Spatial Planning Master Plan of the Municipality of Vela Luka, and the unconstructed part of the coast would be rearranged and used as the mooring for vessels, promenade and swath of vegetation as well as the road arrangement with longitudinal parking on one side. The pedestrian bridge, which would connect the east and west coast, was proposed in three variants, on three locations.

Extension of the East Coast (Kale) to the sea including:

  • promenade landscaping with the accompanying facilities and planning of a part of communal berths in the area from the center of Vela Luka to the special hospital Kalos, with the following numerical solutions:
    • length of intervention ≈ 370 m
    • width of extension max. 3 m
    • 70 parking spaces
    • 79 berths (for boats up to 8 m long)
  • forming a slipway for boats used their maintenance, on the northern part of the east coast next to the quay which divides the protected waters of Kalos from other waters. This location of the slipway is conditioned by the following:
    • the slipway is located along a two-way road (unlike the entire west coast),
    • the slipway is near the connection to the ring road.
  • landscaping Tranulov Most (Tranulo’s Pier), i.e. the extension of the coast and the formation of a new waterfront (in the form of a plateau) with a parking lot and new public facilities. Considering the immediate proximity of the downtown of Vela Luka, the extended plateau would be used for:
    • increasing the number of parking spaces close to the center (approx. 53 parking spaces),
    • enriching the offer of new urban facilities for citizens and visitors, as a meeting place on the long sea promenade (‘lungo mare’),
    • a meeting place and resort area (amphitheater facing the sea) and a venue for multimedial entertainment, the reduced plateau in the summer months could be a parterre fountain which would be programmatically activated (in the rhythm of dance, music etc.),
    • the square for larger gatherings (concerts etc.) and at the same time the venue for the presentation of domestic products and souvenirs with montage elements (kiosk, benches etc.),
    • catering facilities on both sides of the amphitheater, covered with a sail-shaped construction that would emphasize the skyline of the town,
    • extra facilities - on some parts of the plateau, in the shadow of the high Mediterranean vegetation, a play area with a playground for children as well as exercise equipment for adults would be constructed on one side, while on the other side there would be an area for petanque as a traditional gathering place for local people.

The numerical indicators of the new waterfront (plateau) are as following:

  • length of intervention ≈ 170 m
  • width of extension max. 27 m
  • 53 parking spaces
  • 50 berths (for boats up to 8 m long).

Extension of the West Coast (Vranac) to the sea includes:

  • landscaping the promenade with the accompanying facilities from the special hospital Kalos to Hotel Posejdon, and planning a part of the communal berths, with the following numerical solutions:
    • length of intervention ≈ 470 m
    • width of extension max. 5 m
    • 98 parking places
    • 130 berths (for boats up to 8 m long).
  • on the central part of the west coast, the extension of the coast is planned in the form of plateaus, at a length of about 115 m. The newly planned extension represents a gathering place on the west coast, similar to that foreseen on the east coast:
    • in the southern and northern end of the extension there is a free plateau which could be used for extra facilities (such as catering, souvenirs etc.),
    • on the central part of the extension, a row of palm trees would be planted, in accordance to the existing raster.

Ultimately, the realization of the project of Kale-Vranac coast would bring a total of:

  • 221 parking spaces
  • 259 berths (for boats up to 8 m long).

The estimated project value is approx. 50.000.000,00 HRK.

For the conceptual design of the west and east coastline with pedestrian bridge solution please check HERE.

Communal Port of Pupanj

The construction of a communal port is planned between the shipyard Greben and the new Maritime-Passenger Terminal Vela Luka due to the need for communal berths and the ship extraction and descent, as well as providing space for dry berths used for the repair and maintenance of ships.

In addition to the existing road by the sea, the architect has foreseen longitudinal car park with the capacity of 29 parking spaces next to the pavement 1.2 m wide. Due to the steep terrain, there is a difference in the height of the existing road and the newly planned coastline in one part of the site, which was solved by the denivelation wall which runs between the sidewalk and the green spaces. The green space is 1.0 m wide, followed by a 2.5 m wide promenade.

The length of the newly designed coast is 176 m. There are 5 gates in the length of 15 m to 48 m, 2.5 m wide, a seawall 43 m long and 4 m wide. This solution would make approximately 120 communal berths.

Local Maritime Transportation

Realization of the local maritime transport project – Luške pruge (Luka Lines) - would improve the local public transport for citizens and tourists on local lines within the Port of Vela Luka. As a part of the project, it is of public interest to arrange 8 wharfs for the traffic operation. The wharfs would be located in the following sites: New Ferry Port, Old Ferry Port, Posejdon, Center, Kalos, Soline, Ošjak and Gradina. The project would be realized on a commercial basis, with the support of the Municipality of Vela Luka.

Reconstruction of the Vela Riva waterfront

The relocation of the gas station from the current location, on the main part of the waterfront in Vela Luka, to a new location alongside the future ferry port, would make extra space and it would enabling putting this valuable area into an attractive central public and commercial use, and the operational shore would be used for mooring small boats on cruise trips and larger yachts.

10 smaller ships (about 30 m in length, in column of twos) on round trips or 5 larger yachts (on the side) could be moored on the shore.

By replacing the current roadway further away from the houses, a good quality public space suitable for commercialization and public facilities, covering about 3000 square meters, would be gained. The operational coastline would have an attractive and representative appearance and would present its users with the authentic atmosphere of Vela Luka.

Mooring in Gradina bay

Gradina bay is a well-known anchorage for sailboats attracting an increasing number of nautical guests. The aim of this project is to introduce the order and supervision over the users of this anchorage, thereby regulating the number of vessels and increasing the navigation safety. In Gradina bay, different and partly opposing interests meet – those of house owners and their guests staying in those houses, the yachtsmen who moor and spend the night in the bay, the owners of catering facilities in the area, daily visitors who come to swim and finally the Municipality and the Port Authority who, as competent institutions, must regulate the use of public areas and waters.

In addition to the tourist crowds during the summer months, there is a problem of poor sea circulation in Gradina bay during the whole year, which emerged from the reckless road filling through which the natural channel between the coast and the islet of St. Ivan was closed, which has led to changes in the biological characteristics of the bay.

With this project, the County Port Authority wishes to encourage the resolution of these problems by participating in financing the installation of 12 buoys for mooring boats and yachts of 15 to 25 m long, setting up a floating intervention and service wharf for emergency interventions and service for ships moored on buoys, which can also serve as a local seaport dock and as a daily mooring for several boats up to 15 m long, and landscaping of the beach (with organized parking) about 180 m long in the south-east of the bay.

Through concession model the concessionaire would be conditioned to use these contents in Gradina bay, with the exception of the construction and arrangement of the described contents, and the solution of the problem of restoration of natural circulation by repairing the sea strait between the coast and the islet of St. Ivan.

Mooring in Triporte Bay

Triporte Bay is an anchorage that attracts an increasing number of nautical guests. The aim of this project is to introduce the order and, through the supervision of users of this anchorage, increase the navigation safety.

With this project, the County Port Authority would arrange 10 moorings for yachts and boats of about 15 m in the far northwestern side of Triporte Bay. Through the concession model, the concessionaire should keep maintaining order and taking care of the bay's neatness.